The North Central Campus for Emerging Technologies (NCC-ET) is committed to expanding high tech investment and job growth in the greater Findlay region by building upon the State of Ohio’s Third Frontier Initiative focused on technology innovation and commercialization.

Through its mission, the NCC-ET promotes the acceleration of advanced material manufacturing for the purpose of economic development in Findlay and Hancock County.  This regional effort is strengthened through collaborative efforts with universities, government, and industry.  The NCC-ET works collaboratively with outside organizations and builds upon educational, industrial and manufacturing, and economic resources and create high-tech, high-paying manufacturing jobs in Findlay and Hancock County.


NCC-ET Goals & Objectives

• Leverage federal, state and local resources to expand upon the competency of the greater Findlay region to identify, attract, and promote advanced material manufacturing.

• Focus activities on maturing emerging technologies into manufacturing prototypes and processes that are attractive to outside industries

• Attract new companies that utilize new technology platforms developed in Ohio and need the assistance of a manufacturing accelerator like the NCC-ET.

• Commercialize emerging technologies into a variety of profitable markets.