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Millstream Angel Club Potential Investment Opportunity Assessment Process

  1. An introduction of the potential investment opportunity is made to a MAC member and or our Development Director.
  2. Our Development Directors will take the due diligence that has been done by the potential investment opportunity (PIO) and scrub it against what MAC requires as its initial level of due diligence. (see MAC due diligence)
  3. After it has been determined that the initial level of due diligence is compete. Our Development Director will then forward that information to one of the MAC Board of Directors for their review.
  4. A MAC Director will review the potential investment opportunity (PIO):
  • Executive Summary
  • Business Plan
  • Gantt chart/ Work Plan
  • Articles of Incorporation or Organization
  • Historical Financial Statements
  • Financial Projections
  • Sales Plan
  • Manufacturing Plan (if applicable)

5.  After, the MAC Director determines that the information provided by the potential investment opportunity (PIO) warrants further review a meeting will be arranged by our Development Director with the PIO and Lead MAC Director. (an invitation will be extended to all MAC Directors to attend meeting with PIO

6.  After, the meeting with the potential investment opportunity (PIO) the PIO will be discussed at the next MAC Board of Directors meeting. The MAC Board of Directors will determine if the PIO warrants the opportunity to present to the full MAC membership.

7.  If the potential investment opportunity (PIO) is granted the opportunity to present to the full membership they will then be placed on the agenda of the next available full membership meeting.

Groups of local investors have been investing in small companies with high potential to both generate attractive returns for several years and to support business growth and job creation in the Findlay/Hancock County area. More importantly this action has led to our investors sharing their experience in business and lending time and expertise to discovering, evaluating and participating in business ventures. These interests, coupled with an economic climate unlike any other, features small companies and start-ups that are starved for financing and are facing great difficulty raising capital is the impetus behind the formation of the Millstream Angel Club.





Rocket Ventureshttp://rocketventures.org/

Rocket Ventures is a $22.5 million venture capital organization partially funded by the Ohio Department of Development, which identifies and invest in early stage companies that have strong potential in the marketplace, solid prospects for growth and are likely to qualify for later stage funding. Beyond investing and intensive business assistance, Rocket Ventures seeks to promote celebrate and continually grow Northwest Ohio’s position as a nationally significant center for entrepreneurship and innovation.

The Rocket Ventures team works to:

  • Identify early-stage, high-potential technology companies
  • Deliver capital resources, business knowledge, and technical expertise
  • Position client companies to receive other available financing
  • Speed up the process of bringing new technology to the market
  • Generate wealth for investors and northwest Ohio